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Continue the good work! I myself have received Days of Praise for many years, and I love them—they are a great blessing to me.

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These little devotionals are so versatile and easy to use, and packed with the power of God. I am delighted to be of some small help.

I praise God for His goodness to us, and especially for the work started by your dear grandfather, Dr. Henry Morris, and continued on through the ICR ministry. Keep boldly declaring the deity and sovereignty of our Creator and Redeemer Jesus Christ…. You are a great blessing to us!

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I now feel…equipped and ready to answer a world that believes…[in] a Godless existence. Thank you!

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We introduce the history, culture, food and living of Aomori Prefecture.

RSS Feed. Submit Search. January 3 The Dickinsonian's new website has officially launched! Stay tuned for new stories and features. Close Back to Article. Share on Facebook. In normal speech we tend to let one sound slide into the next, and so when pronouncing pink and bingo normally we just keep our tongues against the soft palate and cycle smoothly from the velar nasal to the velar stop.

Letters from abroad

Latin writers tell us that the Greeks had a special name for a letter gamma when it was performing this duty—with a simple sound transposition, they called it an agma. That word was adopted in English as a name for the velar nasal sound, but by association with the sound it symbolized, it has mutated into angma.

The etymology of eng is probably simply imitative, like other letters of the alphabet. And it seems to have had an influence on angma , which sometimes appears in a hybrid form, engma.

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So much for the sound and its name. William Holder seems nearly to have got it into print in , but his printers let him down. In the errata to his book Elements Of Speech , he wrote that:. And it has been hanging around as a potential letter of the alphabet ever since.

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