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We have included a wide selection of articles discussing the different salvation historical themes from the Spring season. The significance of Purim is addressed.

The role that the Passover and the Exodus play, and how they relate to our redemption in the Messiah, is described. We go into great detail discussing the Last Supper, and the death and resurrection of the Messiah. YHWH willing, may be we will meet one day. Keep on the righteous work of F. YHWH, expose the deception and restore the truth. Thank you for your kind note. It looks like you have a far-reaching ministry. May YHVH continue to bless you and unite us all as we pursue his truth together.

All praise to the most high for his people who are guardian over the commandments an the order love this site keep up the tov word. Why has the modern church of today forsaken the command in Genesis to keep the seventh day the Sabbath holy why has it been changed.

Colossians — Let no man therefore judge you in meat, or in drink, or in respect of an holyday, or of the new moon, or of the sabbath days:. Here are some Proof Scriptures. Please read and meditate through the following, Genesis 2 vs 1—3 The Creator plants a seed. This is His-Story we have no option to change it.

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Exodus 20 vs 8—11 The Seedling is growing, to fail the fourth command is to fail at the first, which destroys the one who fails not the tree. The fourth command cannot be changed to become the first day, it has already grown to become the heart of the Tree, the great trunk that holds up all the rest of the tree to come. Isaiah 66, the full sized tree, in the end times, still bears those flowers that the Creator takes pleasure in.

Revelation 1 vs 10 was never written to be a doctrinal teaching on the worship of YHWH for all of us to follow, those who hold it up as the foundational verse supporting sunday worship are the ones trying to decieve you. John was merely stating his activity on the Sabbath as per his understanding of Isaiah John was just one of those pleasing Flowers and YHWH blessed him with a clearer vision of His plans for the end times.

Jesus tells us that He prays that our flight will not be on the Sabbath when we see the tribulation abomination, Matthew 24 vs 20, even He thinks that we will be worshiping on the seventh day the Sabbath and that refers to the end times that have not fully come yet. These are the appointed feast of which we must observe rather than the Catholic paganist appointed feast. This past spring there were conflicting reports about aviv..

I wonder if that is why Yeshua said He would come when we do not expect. Because surely He comes at the last trump of the feast of trumpets. The dates are determined using lunar phase software. The first of each Hebrew month is synchronized to when the new moon would be seen from Jerusalem. I do not believe the new moon is the first observed sliver.

Ibelieve this tradition was observed post Babylonian captivity and there is no biblical proof of it…only religious leader dictating oral rules post Babylon. I believe it is the conjunction black moon that is the beginning of the month as proven in 1Samuel Because they were observing the final waning visible sliver.

The new moon conjunction would be for just a few minutes anywhere in the two day period when the moon odds not seen. I agree with you. Enoch also is very specific as to observing the final sliver on the 30th day at sunrise, making that sundown the beginning of the new moon. The new moon is on the day that it is completely black.

How are we suppose to celebrate these feasts? Annelie, I always recommend you listen to the Lord first to determine what he is asking. Read his word, Leviticus Then take a look at this chart that shows what each Feast involves — the Sabbaths, Gatherings, Offerings and other instructions. For ideas on how to participate in these activities on your own, read this post. For the first couple of years, I used my Sabbath time to study each Feast Day and what it was about. For that I recommend these posts , the resources on this page , and this book.

Its really neat how God can direct you to a page. I am a pastor who has begun a new church plant. I had a service covering the Jewish feasts and how we can enter into a deeper relationship with Jesus. I recently saw a calendar that was in a shape of a circle. Not linear like the Roman calendar. Would this help me relate to the church the Jewish feasts through out the year? Or should I go about it differently? I appreciate your response.

In Yeshua Jesus. The Feasts are certainly key to entering the deeper relationship you are striving for. I like that it is at-a-glance and makes the cycle of seasons clear with the feasts included. The one I use for every day planning, etc. As a rule, linear thinking is very Greek vs. Hebrew, so you may be right that it would be easier. I confess that I am not a Jewish but strongly believe that the Lord would bless me if I celebrate his appointed time.

What and how do I do things that would be pleasing to God? Thank you for your question, Anton. Leviticus tells us that these holy days are not Jewish, but belong to the Lord. They were given to all believers before Jews existed. And, yes, the Lord blesses us with his presence, revelation of himself and constant companionship as we obey his ideas for how he wants to be worshiped. I would recommend you first take a look at this chart that shows what each Feast involves — the Sabbaths, Gatherings, Offerings and other instructions.

I hope this helps you and others who desire more of God and want to set aside his appointed dates. I know you will be richly blessed and God will meet you on that day and guide your steps as you seek and honor him. Paul warns about this Kathy Australia. Kathy, Resting on the Day of Atonement is commanded, fasting is not. We are to align with his heart, knowing that day is drawing near. Regarding the mid week, you will want to try to get the day off if you work, or maybe get away for the day if you work at home. It requires some pre-planning, but do all you can and plan to expand on it next year or for the subsequent feasts.

Rearranging your month around the feasts takes some getting used to, but seek God for his guidance and draw near to him on his holy days. So it is His times to celebrate. And He is pleased when your motives are intended to please Him. SO follow the truth He speaks to your heart. Follow His peace in your heart. Agreed, Dawn. I would just add Gen. He created the timing of the Feasts before there were any Jews, or any people for that matter.

So I would say the Jews have based their times around His Feasts. Thanks for your encouragement. Bible John The person who has My commands and keeps them is the one who really loves Me. Amplified verision. Read the actual passages in scripture and just do it. The fall feasts are over now, so start focusing on the spring feasts. In answer to your question: 1. These days to not belong to Judaism…. I tried to go back to sleep, however the Holy Spirit would not allow that to happen, Praise Yeshua!!!

When I got up at 5 am the Holy Spirit starting impressing upon me to look up the Feast of Trumpets and lead me to your website. Burge to educate me…I both know and believe by participating in these Jewish Feast and Festivals along with following the Messianic Hebrew calendar will enhance me spiritually.

Just need to locate the book you mentioned along with calendar. Please help. See Leviticus They were given to us before the Jews or Judaism existed. According to Zech. Here is a link to the book Here is a link to the calendar. Is it necessary that we take the calendar from Israel? Please give me some plausible explanations! I really need to know which calendar must be used. But in our fellowship we use Yahrusalem calendar. Someone askedme why we use that particular calendar.

Do reply, please. Jacob — There are really 3 plausible ways to calculate the Hebrew Calendar and Feast dates. You will have to decide for yourself which one you are going to follow and your reasons for choosing that one. I hope this helps you in your understanding. Yahushua was crucified on Passover and resurrected on First Fruits.

A three day difference according to scripture. The dates here have a 48 hour difference. The Feast of First Fruits falls on a different date on the Hebrew calendar each year, while Passover stays on the same date on the Hebrew calendar. This has bugged me as well. The only explanation that makes sense to me is that man has messed up the dates whether accidentally or on purpose. In the same way corrupt men changed the dates and even renamed, replaced or removed the Jewish feasts Easter is named after a pagan deity for example. Daniel may have already been fulfilled, at least partially.

The article is self-explanatory! Lord I have said the same thing! No where in the Bible have I found where we are told to celebrate Christmas! Easter or as Paganism says, Ester, which is the goddess of fertility. That is the deceptions it speaks of. From Biblical text we can see Jesus was crusified right before the sabbath.

Most of us look at things in a western way and count a day from 12am — 12pm but this is not the case for Jews as we know the Jewish people observe the sun and moon for their lunar cycle, so if at 8am in the morning the sun raises and then sets at 10am that is one day. On the day Jesus was crusified on the cross the sun set twice giving us the 3 Jewish days from Friday — Sunday. Saying all that though makes no difference at all the only part we should take from the death of Jesus is the Reserection and the promise that ALL who shall believe in him shall not perish but have eternal life as he paid for our sins with the shedding of his blood on the cross.

Thanks so much for the insight by the way i observe the Sabbath and all the feast Shalom be to you through Yeshua messiah. Elected will realise and prepare themself by the help of this task. I believe the Hillel Calendar has Passover on April You will find other dates based on how various groups reckon the new moon. There are about 3 different calendars observed by different groups. I recommend following whichever one the leader you are submitted to instructs.

To the Administrator, I left my comment earlier concerning some of the common inferrences Christians frequently imply about the Law. However, after reading every comment and post on your sight, I think you have done a very good job of providing scriptural based reasoning that in no way contradicts other scriptures. Very nice site you have. I think many Christians are confused on the points you raised — I know I was for many years.

Thanks for reading and your comments. Yeshua in Matt.

May it never be! On the contrary, we establish the Law. Those two scriptures alone make it clear to me that the Law is still in full effect. This was the Apostasy spoken of in Scripture. It is not a means of earning Salvation, but is done out of a transformed heart, and out of love for Him, and the sacrifice His Son made for us at the Cross. Clear, I am so thankful to have clicked this precious site. Amen and Amen! Bless you brother! The name Jesus really has no meaning beyond being a proper name in some cultures.

Jesus is the name above all names. He loves you. Invite him into your heart and accept his gift of life and forgiveness and eternal life with him. He is coming back very soon. Louise… I have to say, I really needed to hear what you had to say. Jesus is my everything, but I have felt so burdened as of late with the idea of rituals and rites, being a gentile believe myself. This precious gift can not be purchased with good deeds, but is the most Holy, unspeakable gift of God. Follow as little children, in trust and faith, with the innocence of a child.

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Thank God for His grace and mercy and the power of the blood that conquers all sin and death. He knew every mistake we would ever make and still he stretched out His arms on the cross and died for us. Thank you precious Savior, for knowing all of my flaws, but loving me anyway. We should love one another in this way. Well said Stacey. He calls all to salvation through Him. There are none He would deny if they came in true repentance and sincerity. He would and will accept all of them. There are no valid arguments. I am a Gentile believer.

I accepted the Lord Jesus as my Saviour just before I was married in 43 yrs. Well, that may be true, however…. I at least want to know about it…. I believe, as for Messianic Jews those who have received the Messiah Jesus as their Lord and Saviour learning these things will only enrich our fellowship and walk with Him. I want to honor Him in that. So I thank you for this website. Our Bridegroom will be coming soon to snatch us away with Him. I can hardly wait….

Aside from my earthly husband, Jesus is the best thing that has happened to me in my life-time! I love Him so much!!!! The fact of the matter is God never made a distinction that I can recall in the Bible how the holy days break down between Jewish believers and gentile believers. Christmas and Easter are not God-ordained holy days; they are syncretism brought in by the Catholic Church when they blended paganism with Christianity. If you recall in Galatians , there is no difference between Jew and Greek, etc.

Do not believe that the Old Testament has been superseded by the New Testament. It has not. Doctrine and commands in the Old Testament are valid today except that the bloody sacrifice was fulfilled by Yeshua the Messiah. The Romish Church has taught error purposely which has crept in belief systems. I recommend studying the Bible and not believing the traditions of man and the lies perpetrated by the Jesuits in order to confuse and mislead Christians.

Does anyone else believe the Feast of Trumpets is a picture of the Catching away? Thanks for the info. Have been reading the Bible for many years but have never really plugged into putting into practice the feasts. Again, many thanks. I remain, Sincerely, Michelle Getchell. I am so new and feeling ignorant. I attend a Assembly where almost everybody has been messianic for a long time. I hope this site will enable me to communicate with other more learned messianic believers. I will soon be 70 yrs old and have been diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma. Much to learn and so little time.

Thank you all. In Yahshuas name. This life is just a short glimpse at our real life to come. Hi I am very new to learning about Yahweh I am so scared because I can not find a place where others gather so I can learn as well. My husband and I do not want to be left behind or have to go thru the last part of tribulation. We were Christian most of our lives and never told to keep the feast days cus we were under grace. Aany way I was told about Father Yahweh. Do we need to be baptized in Yahweh since we know about him him?

Do we still have time before he comes for his bride? Can you tell me what name of assembly do I look for. Thank you for any help you can give us we need help so I found your name and could use your help. I recommend the teaching links included on my Recommended Resources page. It may either be Jewish or Christian and be led by either a Rabbi or Pastor, but Messianic is the key word.

A good way to determine a true Messianic congregation is one that observes the Sabbath on Saturdays and also acknowledges Yeshua as Lord. If you cannot get out to a congregation or there is not one near you, you my find this article helpful. I know Yahweh will guide and bless you in your pursuit of Him. Thank you, administrator, for what you posted to Judy. I needed to hear those exact words you gave her.

I have been searching and have been led a long time through multiple physical and emotional trauma events and have ached to where I thought I would die. This has been for most of my life. Where I used to ask God to get me through each hour, now I have been nudged by His Spirit to ask for more of Him…more of Him… in all my hours. He led me to be with more of Him by teaching me about His Feasts which I am seeking to learn and, also, find a local Messianic place of worship and teaching which has been a challenge in this area.

This website led me to this exchange and gives me hope to pursue Him more. His short life was meant for our benefit and many things about Him, His culture, His true language and interpretations with the true meanings, His actions, and ways He worshipped His Heavenly Father, His everything basically, most of which is never talked about in main stream Christian churches. I still wonder how they arrive at their dates of manmade observances and disregard days that were observed by Jesus. I feel cheated after all these years and my husband, who is a Bible college graduate and former pastor, is also learning things that were never taught.

Very few, actually none that I have attended from childhood, of the typical Christian churches have ever mentioned supporting or praying for Israel and helping the suffering Jewish people.

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So, now I am hungry and thirsting for more of Him who satisfies. Thank you for being led to write that and not only did you comfort Judy in her sufferings but you instilled the hopeful truth of what is to come. May God continue to bless you. It is wonderful to see God calling his followers closer by his side through the Sabbath and the Feasts. While I, too, am amazed at how far the church has veered from its roots, many have also been brought to Jesus — and eventually to a Messianic understanding — through the church.

God is removing the veil, and it changes our old perspectives very quickly. We have to trust that God has opened our eyes in His perfect timing for the purposes He intends for us on this earth. Dear Judy, I, also am computer illiterate. May God bless you for your courage. I lost my mom a year ago Easter.

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However, it sure does make life much more interesting. Just keep on keeping Jesus first place and you will be just fine. Jesus, Jesus, All The Way!!! Jtdy, I want tn encourage you that you can be healed completely of the Multiple Myeloma by the blood of Yahshua Messiah. Plead the blood over your body with faith. Or it begins at Sundown on the 14th and ends at Sundown on the 15th? Or is it two days beginning at Sundown on the 13th and ends at Sundown on the 15th?

Also, when is the unleavened bread offered? Some calendars are calculated differently. Will you be posting a feast calendar for soon? The wave sheaf offering was commanded by Elohim God before any grain could be harvested in the spring. The first sheaf of grain was cut and brought to the priest.

Then only the priest could wave the single sheaf before God The Eternal One to be accepted for the entire congregation of Israel. Jesus was the firstfruit -Wave Sheaf offering — and the , picture the firstfruits — the earlier, smaller harvest of mankind, represented by the loaves of bread offered on Pentecost. In summary, the wave sheaf offering represents the resurrected Messiah going before the Father for us, becoming our High Priest. Jesus went before God and was accepted by God as our wave sheaf offering. Wanted to also share some Scriptures that show the importance of firstfruit offerings.

Well the first would be the offerings of Cain and Abel. Thank you for visiting the site, Allan. Would you be able to share for our readers how widespread the Messianic faith is in the Philippines? I thank Yahweh for your efforts in propagating truth. I would like our relationship to be cordial. Remain blessed. I have a question, I hope someone can answer regarding the Feast of the Tabernacles: According to the Bible only the first day of the week of the Tabernacle and the Eighth Day is a Sabbath day, on which we do not work, but we are meant to sleep in our made up tabernacle throughout the whole week and bring meal offerings.

I am correct with the way the Bible is indicating it? I live in Canada and the information I got from another Sabbath keeping congregation is for example for the Feast of the Trumpets starting on September 13 at sunset and not as your site mention with September For replies please email me to : j. Regarding the dates, you will find other dates based on how various groups reckon the new moon. There are other correct ways to reckon it as well. We had to agree on one for the sake of unity in our congregation. I am preparing my house for the coming of the King, inwardly and outwardly.

Pray for me and my house. The Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all! Also, I feel that The Rapture is going to occur in the near future. I appreciate your heart, Martha. Both are Messianic Jews themselves. You can find them all online. Remember that God loves them and put the desire for them in your heart. He will honor your sincere prayers and you can learn as you go. Is the Feast of Pentecost 50 days after the Feast of Passover as you have mentioned, or is it 50 days after the Feast of Firstfruits? The Feast of Firstfruits is always Day 1 of the day count, so Pentecost is actually 49 days after Firstfruits.

Depending on which day Passover falls on, Pentecost could be 50 days after Passover, as it was this year: Passover was on a Saturday, Firstfruits was the next day, so Pentecost came 49 days after Firstfruits and 50 days after Passover. Good question! It is after Yahsua assended back to heaven after showing himself to people. Remember he told them to go into the city and wait for the Holy Spirit. How do you read it? Personally, I do not.

I observe all those commanded in Lev. I have been studying The Feasts for a while now. One question that I can never seem to get answered is how to keep them. If Yeshua fulfilled the sacrafical system, then how do we keep Passover? Is the Jewish tradition correct? Should we be holding a traditional jewish Sadar? Thank you! The instructions included here would suffice as far as probably a minimum of how to keep the feasts. Yeshua, as our Passover Lamb for all time, is now mediating the priesthood for us vs. But offerings involve more than just bringing animals to the temple — thanksgiving, praise, monetary, spending time in his presence, etc.

I appreciate the spirit in which you wrote this. We want to do something to commemorate the Fall Feast this year.

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Any suggestions? Obviously, seek the Lord about what he would have you do first. My ideas would be to provide a place for people to gather on the appropriate dates, maybe choose a charity people can donate to for offerings often we provide a basket for food donations for the local food bank — something everyone can afford to do.

This may be easy if you do indeed meet at your house, as your email indicates. My first year or two of observing the feasts, the feast days were mostly spent studying what each one was about as it came up. I printed off articles from authors I trusted on the Feast of Trumpets and poured over them on the day of Feast of Trumpets. The next year, I had a frame of reference to start from and could plan ahead and enter into more of it year after year. That might be an easy way for your group to learn about them together without going to a lot of extra work.

And of course food always makes a feast! Yes, Yahushua Messiah was sacrificed as a Passover lamb once and for all but we need to observe it yearly to remind ourselves of the day YHWH set us free from every form of satanic slavery and be thankful for the significance. By celebrating it you can use the opportunity to pray to YHWH to set a sinner free from satanic slavery of any kind through King Yahushua. The feasts are prophetic signs regarding the first and second coming of Messiah. The Spring feasts were all fulfilled in the first coming of Jesus.

He was the crucified lamb on Passover, put into the ground at unleavened bread, and resurrected on the day of First Fruits. The Spirit was poured out on Shavuot, or Pentecost. Trumpets warn of the coming judgments on the earth and the return of Messiah, and possibly the time of the rapture of the church. The day of atonement speaks of two events: 1 the day the anti-Christ becomes the abomination that brings desolation, and steps in to the temple and declares himself to be God.

The day also speaks of the return of Jesus to Jerusalem where He will establish His throne and will reign there for years. The Feast of Tabernacles speaks of two events as well: 1 When Jesus appears in the sky and the Jewish people, who have fled Jerusalem for tabernacles in the wilderness, gaze upon the one they have pierced and mourn as for an only son. Then Jesus seals them so as to protect them from the wrath of God that follows. Tabernacles also signifies the celebration of the King in Jerusalem when all the nations of the earth flood into Israel for the first feast of tabernacles of the new millennium.

The threads are interesting. This is my first time visiting. Part of the confusion related to the resurrection of Yeshua HaMashiach is the blending of the Jewish calendar with our modern calendars. The Jewish Biblical calendar did not have Sabbath as Saturday or the first day of the week as Sunday.

The calendar used by Jews was lunar. Therefore the sighting of the new moon was the first day of the month. Seven days into the new month was the Sabbath. Therefore the Sabbaths were seventh day, fourteenth day, twenty first day, etc.. First Fruits is the first day after the Sabbath. Therefore when HaMashiach was raised the first day of the week it was after the Sabbath.

It was insightful your statement about our Savior being the First Fruit from the dead. It is also just as insightful to know that G-d rested on the Sabbath therefore the resurrection would not have happened on the Sabbath. I have read that the reason Jews do not celebrate Sabbaths based on the New Moon as given in the Bible is because of the confusion it would cause with daily commerce with a Sabbath falling on any day of the week. Ah — I had not heard that about the Sabbath calculation from the new moon.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. So, Pentecost falls on the day after the 7th Sabbath after Passover? Thanks for your post and this site. Has Pentecost been celebrated as Jubilee? More questions, maybe privately though. Love to all, shalom. All good questions, John. Part 3 of that post discusses how the accounts of Acts relate to us today. See what you think. Thank you for sharing with the Body of Believers. Please clarify for me if I am not of Jewish descent and God gave the directives to Moses for the Jews am I as a gentile believer commanded to celebrate the feasts?

I do understand that I can participate if I choose, but is it required? Regina, yours is a good question, debated by Christians and Jews. You will need to seek God for guidance. My opinion is that the answer stems from how you define an Israelite or Jew.

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No, a person is a Jew who is one inwardly; and circumcision is circumcision of the heart, by the Spirit, not by the written code. May I buy in bulk and do you offer discounts for bulk buying? How to purchase For a product displaying a "Add to Cart" button the product can be purchased directly on PriceCheck's Marketplace. For a product displaying a "View Offer" button clicking the button will direct you to the product on the associated shop's online store where you may complete the purchase.

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