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So, if you find yourself repeatedly in these Eight of Cups situations where you have no choice but to walk away, spend time exploring what will bring you true happiness and realign your goals with your values.

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But the real question is, 'Can the circumstances improve, or is it a lost cause? If the reversed Eight of Cups is paired with more passive cards such as the Hanged Man or the Four of Swords, then it may be a sign that you wish to try one more time. However, if this card couples with a more active card such as the Eight of Wands or Chariot, it may be time to move on and pursue a different path.


The reversed Eight of Cups invites you to listen to your heart about your next course of action. Only you know whether this situation is serving you and if there is hope for the future. Be mindful of what you want and then check in to see if this move is in alignment with your goals and dreams. At times, the reversed Eight of Cups can show that you are drifting from one place to the next because you never feel satisfied with staying in one place. Privacy and Terms.

All Rights Reserved. All prices in USD. Hit enter to search or ESC to close. Eight of Cups Tarot Card Meanings. Upright Eight of Cups When the Eight of Cups shows up in a Tarot reading, you may feel compelled to walk away from a disappointing situation. Reversed Eight of Cups. Take a nap. Calm down. Asking our bodies to work, work, work without getting good sleep is a bit like opening every app on your phone and then never charging it.

It will stutter, fail and finally shutdown. What does temperance mean to you? So temperance is about saying No to things that hurt you, so you can say Yes to things that give you long-term happiness.


When the question is nutrition our answer is as simple as it gets: whole and plant-based. Have a meal in our restaurant and meet our lifestyle principles. Taste a change in your life. Our Story contact EN. Everyday design and plant based food. A wonderful surprise. The environment is so beautiful that makes us want to move there! The dishes are delicious! For vegetarians and non vegetarians, I highly recommend it! Teresa Celestino. Everything, and I mean everything, is perfect in this space!! The food is very tasty and well prepared, with original dishes and ingredients of high quality.

They have refrigerators in the space where they have micro vegetables to germinate. I felt like tasting each and every one of the juices. The service is super fast and attentive. The space is beautiful and everything is always super clean.

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I will be back a thousand times! Ana Sofia Raposo. Every time I go, I have delicious food and a great view of the city. We're not vegan but we just loved it here! The food tasted so so good and we felt fit and healthy afterwards.

The perfect start for a good day in Lisbon. I wish I could take the whole restaurant with me. The Dill Cashew Cheese is incredible.

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You have to try it. A must go venue for any vegans in Lisbon. Such an amazing cafe in a beautiful location. The food was incredible and the staff were so lovely and made you feel really welcome.

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We were only in Lisbon for 2 days and we went twice because we loved it so much. Nina Dulac.